We Are All Brains In Vats

The following post is from my new article for Knowing Neurons, an online publication about neuroscience and the mind. Ā  The MatrixĀ made all of us ask the same disturbing questions: How do I know that the world I see, hear, and touch is real? Can I prove that Iā€™mĀ notĀ actually in a pod created by machines […]

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There Is No Ghost In The Brain

As long as the nature of consciousness will remain a mystery, we will be in the grip of anxiety. And that is because we are, all of us, haunted by that uniquely human question: what awaits us after death? Although the vast majority of AmericansĀ believeĀ in some sort of afterlife, such beliefs are starkly at odds […]

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Is Neuroscience a Mature Science?

I recently had the pleasure of talking to Mark Baxter, Ph.D. about the status of neuroscience as a field. Mark is a neuroscientist who studies the molecular mechanisms of learning and memory. This is my second conversation with Mark. Several months ago, we discussed a controversial paper on the effects of marijuana consumption on the […]

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