How I Became A Scientist

(The following is a post I wrote for Bio Yelp on how I became a scientist. Hopefully you find something in here informative or interesting!) My brain is a physical object, and my mind emerges from physical processes. This basic realization struck me when I was 15, during a lesson about the nervous system. How … Continue reading How I Became A Scientist

Science is a Collective Human Endeavor – And That’s Beautiful

A philosopher of science once told me, “Science is like a big, ornate building. Unless you’re an Einstein or a Newton, all you can do is etch away at a little flourish on the building’s facade - and then you die.” Though bleak, his thought did speak to a curious truth about the lives of … Continue reading Science is a Collective Human Endeavor – And That’s Beautiful

Peace and the Scientific Worldview

I am sitting on a balcony in Haifa, Israel. Looking westward, I can see a sleepy haze obscuring the horizon where the Mediterranean meets the sky. The atmosphere here is calm – it is Saturday, a holy day. Occasionally I hear the blaring of a car horn, or the happy squeal of a child, or … Continue reading Peace and the Scientific Worldview

The Future of Spirituality

What will spirituality look like in 100 years? What will it look like when technology is fully woven into the fabric of our world and our biology, when our scientific understanding of the world and of ourselves will have progressed far beyond what we can imagine? What will the temples of such a world look like? Or its … Continue reading The Future of Spirituality